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Left to right: Benno van Croesdijk, Wouter Goris, Garrett Smith, Marieke Berkers

Wouter Goris is the director of the Scotus-Archiv. He is currently working on a monograph on the first adequate object of the intellect in Scotus. Previously he has published in Scotus's metaphysics and Scotus's philosophical heritage, including Antonius Andreae, Petrus Aureoli and Nicolas Bonetus.


Garrett Smith is a founding member of the Scotistic Commission of America. He currently works on the critical edition of the works of the Barcelona Franciscan Petrus Thomae, on Aufredo Gonteri's conception of the univocity of being and on diverse issues in the works of Petrus Aureoli. Recently he completed his edition of Petrus Thomae's Quaestiones de ente.


Marieke Berkers is in the process of writing her dissertation, which covers the transmission of the Additiones magnae II.

Benno van Croesdijk is finishing his dissertation on Nicolas Bonetus's conception of metaphysics.

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