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About us

The Scotus-Archiv was founded in 2017 with the edition and study of the works of Duns Scotus and the Scotistic Tradition  as its explicit goal.

The University of Bonn has a long tradition of Scotus scholarship. Wolfgang Kluxen inaugurated this tradition with his semi-critical edition of Scotus's De primo principio. Ludger Honnefelder contributed countless articles and numerous monographs to this field of study. He was also responsible for an extensive research collaboration with the Catholic University of America, Washington D.C., which led to the publication of Duns Scotus's Opera philosophica.


The Scotus Archiv wants to continue this tradition by dedicating itself to Scotus and the Scotistic tradition. We do not only envision writing scholarly works, but also engage the broader philosophical and scientific community through the organization of colloquia and conferences. Moreover, we develop new methods for presenting critical editions, such that those materials are open to the methods of digital humanities.

Our partners:

Albertus-Magnus-Institut, Bonn

Scotistic Commission of America

Thomas-Institut, Köln

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